DumboOf late I’ve been frequently exposed to children’s movies, especially Disney classics. Watching Dumbo stepping on his big ears I began to wonder, what would be the most obvious way to help the poor, harassed cub: teach an elephant to fly – or cut off the overgrown skin tissue? Occam’s razor said cut.

Getting down to it, I searched for the right pictures to remake Dumbo. Dumbo’s benefactor would naturally be the circus director, and it was easy to find matching shots.

Dumbo and director

And how to make Dumbo’s new ears? Obviously some Disney animator had had the same idea back in 1941, judging by this jewel of source material:


A little photoshopping, and Dumbo is recut. But wait! Isn’t this violating Disney’s copyright? Not to worry, under the fair use -policy it’s perfectly okay to make parody. If Disney wanted, however, to make an official version out of this, I’d be happy to negotiate.Dumbo recut