croquiswwwI stared doing croquis recently. “Croquis”, meaning “sketch” in French, is about drawing quick sketches of a live model, usually naked, who changes pose every few minutes.

I go to a great place. The cost is nominal, it’s on every week of the year, and there’s no need to register. On the Facebook page the organizer says: “You do not have to keep checking if it’s on, because the answer is ‘Yes, it is’.  Also, stop asking me who the model is. If you want to come and draw, just show up.” We don’t chit-chat. We don’t hang around. We draw.

I’ve noticed, that as in every other art form, the first few sketches always suck. They’re warm-up. Then the drawings become better, and the best sketches are made close to the end of the class. It’s also a great form of meditation. There’s the model, the pen and you, and no time for anything else. It’s very hands-on, very zen.

To draw a person you have to touch with your eyes. It’s not about getting photographic likeness, but catching the essence of the model, which differs from person to person.

I draw using a stylus and a tablet, which makes the line less accurate, but gives more freedom in editing and using halftones. In these pictures I have digitally erased some lines afterwards, but nothing has been added, save the signature.

We have an exhibition in Kallio Library 1.-17.12.2014, address Viides linja 11, Helsinki. Free Entry. Welcome!