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Writer's room

I’m Juhana Lumme, a screenwriter, author, filmmaker, and a bit of a comics creator – in a word, a storyteller. I blog about writing, filmmaking and everything in between.

The samurai saw the warrior’s way as a twofold path – the way of pen and sword, and they mastered both. I believe this works both ways; it’s beneficial for a writer to master the sword, too. I’m a devoted yoga and tai chi practitioner and sometimes write about this subject, too.

By education, I’m a Master of Arts from the University of Industrial Arts and Design Helsinki, Finland, where my practice short film, High Hopes, won the main prize at Tampere Film Festival, and my graduation work, feature film Dogs Don’t Wear Pants, had its premiere at Cannes Film Festival.

I’m also an enthusiastic comic book reader and gather the wittiest panels on an ever-expanding collection of Unforgettable Comic Book Dialogue.

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