Master – the Last Warrior

Mestari - Viimeinen soturi

28 min / Documentary / 2008

Document about Kaarlo Valkonen, the grandmaster of kas-pin – a mystical Finnish martial art

Directed by Markku Kuronen and Jyrki Pitkä

Written by Juhana Lumme





Kas-pin, a Finnish martial art, has been passed down in Kaarlo Valkonen’s family line for over 30 generations, according to the man himself.

Kas-pin is a mixture of fighting techniques, knife handling, Finnish traditions and mysticism. As the last grandmaster of the art, Valkonen teaches kas-pin in workshops around Finland, but refuses to share its innermost secrets, for he considers them too dangerous to make public.

The document presents kas-pin through its distinctive teacher. Everyday farm works, such as spreading feces on the fields, become martial art lessons and everyday items turn into deadly weapons. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if Valkonen is for real or not, but to the practitioners of the art kas-pin is a serious issue and Kaarlo a revered master.

  • ‘Master’ is a wonderful discovery. – Arja Aho, Helsingin Sanomat


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