Tintin Star Wars

Tintin Star WarsTintin Star Wars is a collaboration project managed by comic book artist Matti Hagelberg, where various artists turn Star Wars into a comic using Tintin characters.

The project is inspired by James Harvey’s Bartkira, where Akira is redrawn with Simpsons characters.

Written by Various based on a script by George Lucas

Art by Various based on characters created by Hergé


Luke Skywalker – Tintin

Princess Leia – Castafiore

R2-D2 and C-3PO – Thomson and Thompson

Darth Vader – Mitsuhirato

Obi-Wan Kenobi – Professor Calculus

Han Solo – Captain Haddock

Chewbacca – Snowy

Sample by Juhana Lumme after George Lucas and Hergé 

I made two pages for the story, in which R2-D2 ja C-3PO (Thomson and Thompson) arrive on Tatooine in a life pod and go their separate ways. It wasn’t until this that I realized what a psychotic character C-3PO actually is.

TintinSW1 TintinSW2


My aim was to create Star Wars as Hergé would have drawn it. To get the most authentic outcome I used Hergé’s original art, which I photoshopped.

For example here I’ve used art from The Black Island and The Crab with the Golden Claws. I’ve moved and removed characters, edited the background and added a speech bubble.


I created the Jawa sandcrawler out of a wooden cabinet from The Secret of the Unicorn to give it a little of Hergé’s touch.


Follow the story on project’s website.